REC Active BMS for 4 cells connected in series with active bi-directional balancing. As a single stand-alone unit it is perfect for 12 V systems, where there is a need for replacing lead-acid batteries with lithium battery cells.

Stand-alone unit REC 2Q BMS with integrated CAN communication protocol can manage from 4 to 16 cells (in series). It is also compatible with variety of inverters for integrations in PV systems.

REC BMS Master – Slave configuration is suitable for higher voltage systems. In combination with 2Q BMS it allows to connect up to 240 cells. It offers multiple programmable relays and digital outputs.

REC is a world-wide company oriented in research and development of electronic solutions in environmentally friendly applications ranging from EV to PV installations. We specialize in applications for managing battery systems. Our customized solutions are implemented in diverse applications: planes, boats, hybrid and electric cars, test systems, motorcycles, solar powered plants, energy storage, etc.

We offer diverse battery management system configurations suitable for each individual customer, including additional programming, software development, warranty and user friendly service.

Protect your battery cells and prolong their life expectancy. Control your power with REC BMS!

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