Our REC BMS Q series with integrated CAN communication
protocol can manage up to 16 cells in series. Compatible with CAN supported ESS inverters/chargers for integrations in PV systems.



  • from 4 to 16 in-series connected cells per unit
  • single cell voltage measurement (0.1–5.0 V, resolution 1 mV)
  • single cell – under/over voltage protection
  • SOC and SOH calculation
  • up to 4 digital temperature sensors
  • single temperature sensor and cable for current measurement already included with the BMS
  • single cell internal resistance measurement
  • over temperature protection
  • reduced 1 s measuring interval
  • balancing transistors defect check @ restart
  • EEPROM memory data corruption check @ restart
  • cell’s voltage RMS voltage measurement
  • self calibration @ restart
  • BMS shutdown @ 0.98 x minimum cell disconnect threshold
  • Ah counting
  • two galvanically isolated user defined multi-purpose digital outputs
  • internal DC opto-relay output
  • integrated 25 Ohm precharge with adjustable time delay
  • integrated RTC
  • control pilot for EVSE
  • compatible with CAN supported ESS inverters/chargers for integrations in PV systems, like SMA Sunny Island, Victron Energy, Studer, GoodWe, etc.
  • can be used as BMS Slave unit in high voltage systems or parallel connections in Master-Slave configuration

RS - 485 communication:

  • two ports for the RS-485 communication – both may be used in a single connection (stand-alone version), or in case of Master-Slave configuration one is used as the input and later as output
  • galvanically isolated RS-485 bus for observing battery pack’s data, changing BMS parameters, data logging, etc.
  • dedicated REC Wi-Fi module or another RS-485 device may be used for the communication

Galvanically Isolated CAN:

  • eight ESS hybrid inverter protocols are pre-programmed in the BMS: Victron Energy, SMA Sunny Island, Solax, Solis, Growatt, Studer Innotec, Pylontech, Deye
  • user can select the compatibility with desired inverter/charger by himself using dedicated Wi-Fi module
  • three supported chargers are also pre-programmed in the default version of the REC 2Q BMS
  • 100, 125, 250, 500, 1 MHz bit-rate selection
  • message programming
  • disable option
  • custom CAN protocol can be implemented

Complete Wiring of 2Q Connectors:

  • temperature sensor = 2 m (already included with the 2Q BMS)
  • cable for current sensor = 2 m (already included with the 2Q BMS)
  • cell wires, power supply and precharge connector wires = 1 m 
  • I/O and remote ON/OFF switch with wire labels = 1 m
  • cable for current sensor shunt = 2 m
  • single temperature sensor = 2 m
  • RS-485 in plug; CAN connection with 5 pin circular connector = 0.5 m


  • length = 98.5 mm
  • width with mounting pads = 190 mm
  • width = 165 mm
  • height = 38 mm
  • mounting hole diameter = 4.5 mm
We suggest M4 screws for mounting.